Mac OS X on x86 ... whether Steve likes it or not

by Giles Turnbull

Much excitement heralds the sudden arrival on the scene of Cherry OS, a Mac emulation system for Windows machines.

Unfortunately (but hardly unexpectedly), the Cherry OS site is being somewhat slow right now. A lot of people want to know what the fuss is all about.

It's even more unfortunate that, instead of offer up a simple one-page briefing comprising text and perhaps a single screenshot, the Cherry OS folks are offering bandwidth-hungry movies (contained within Java applets) as the only official source of information.

After watching an applet telling me it was "Buffering..." for longer than I cared to count, I decided to look for information elsewhere. Thankfully, a story at has a lot more detail, and some (mostly unofficial) screenshots. The creators of Cherry OS maintain that it offers reasonable performance, and is not connected in any way to the PearPC emulation project.

Until the fuss dies down a bit, and the official Cherry OS site is usable once more, those of us wanting to test it for ourselves will just have to sit tight and wait.

Did you manage to download and try out Cherry OS before the fuss started up?


2004-10-12 19:02:28
link to cherry os
you can check the webpage out here:
2004-10-13 06:31:02
it will last long before the attorneys get involved.
2004-10-14 05:40:42
link to cherry os
2006-06-02 09:54:49
There is a bootable DVD of MAC OS X for X86 processors, the data on the DVD that looks for a firmware chip (to make it so it is only installable on the intel Macs)has been removed and added to bittorrent trackers around the world, to install Mac from the DVD, all you have to do is boot from it, if you choose to multiboot with XP, there is a file that you place in the C: drive in windows (XP or 2K) that you point to in the BOOT.INI file, that makes it show up in the multiboot list, no need to cherryOS or PearPC