Mac OS X revs to 10.1.4

by James Duncan Davidson

It's that time again for OS X users... Time to go to Software Update and get a fresh helping of OS X update goodness. Apple just posted the 10.1.4 update for download via Software Update. According to Apple, this update includes:

  • Updated and new support for Fast SCSI drives
  • Expanded support for SmartDisk, EZQuest, and LaCie disc recording drives
  • More reliable PPP dial-up connections
  • Faster file searching on remote and local volumes
  • AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) servers can be browsed on networks with 3Com routers
  • BSD-based TCP/IP connection improvements

Find anything that you'd like to comment on in this latest update?

2002-04-18 05:30:47
AppleTalk networking
It's more than just AFP that gets fixed. At the office, OS X never saw the internal zones and couldn't see the printers, now they do!