Mac OS X State of the Union Video for Mere ADC Mortals

by Jochen Wolters

Last October, Apple published session videos of the 2006 World Wide Developers Conference on iTunes. Unfortunately, access to these videos requires the Leopard Early Start Kit, which, in turn, requires a paid subscription to the Apple Developer Connection. The 90-minute "Mac OS X State of the Union" feature, however, has now also been made available to those ADC members who have signed up for the free-of-charge Online Membership. Even if you're not developing software on the Mac, this video is well worth watching if you are interested in an up-to-date (as of August 2006) overview of the technical foundations of the Mac's OS.

If you don't have an ADC account yet (if you do, you will have seen the related email announcement already, anyway), go to the Apple Developer Connection website and sign up for the free ADC Online Membership. Then head over to the ADC on iTunes page and log in to bring up the ADC section in iTunes. You will find the video and a PDF with the presentation slides under the "Mac OS X State of the Union" tab.

Have a few cups (or pots, depending on your connection speed...) of tea while downloading the 500MB movie — which is then placed in its own playlist in iTunes for convenient access —, and enjoy the show!


2007-01-24 12:11:55
I watched this last night so that I could catch up with what was coming in leopard. There's some really cool stuff in the works which I can't wait to play with.
2007-01-24 17:54:06
I do have a free ADC online membership and have previously been able to view the WWDC clips that were made available, but with this "ADC on iTunes" page I get "The Apple ID and password you entered does not provide access to ADC on iTunes." Is it definitely accessible to free members?
2007-01-24 19:13:55
I have a free ADC membership and I got it yesterday. So I would say yes.
2007-01-24 21:33:43

try using this link

It should ask you for your username and password.

Jochen Wolters
2007-01-25 00:36:52

Can you log into the ADC website at This site uses the same credentials as "ADC on iTunes".