Mac OSX Theme for the BlackBerry

by Dave Mabe

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Since RIM released some details on creating your own BlackBerry theme, we've seen several themes popping up in various places. Some are certainly better than others. Here's one that caught my eye and I thought was worth a mention.

It's called MacBerry and (as the name implies) it's based on Mac OSX. It looks pretty sharp! This one's only available for the 7100 series devices. The creator of the theme, Millinea Studio, has some other themes for the 7100 series and the 8700 devices.

Here's the OTA install for the MacBerry theme.

Any other themes worth mentioning?


2006-01-31 12:21:56
Whoa !
Good find, that is a terrific theme for the 7100 Blackberry.

I surfed all over the Millennia Studios web site, on his blog, etc.

I could not find a way to contact the developer.

I wanted to plead with him to make a 8700 version of the Aqua theme.

How can I make that request?

2006-01-31 12:45:36
Whoa !
Good question. You could try emailing the address in his whois entry ( .

Yes, a version of the Aqua theme for the 8700 would be nice.

2006-02-01 07:21:11
Whoa !
Apparently there is a version for the 8700, although I haven't tried it out yet. Try this OTA install link:

2006-02-04 06:42:52
I tried these theme links and couldn't get them to work - is this a limitation of my device?
2006-02-04 08:01:30
Both 8700 and 7100 Versions Available
I am the developer of the MacBerry theme and wanted to mention there has always been an 8700 version- in fact it was created first and the 7100 came after popular demand.

Here's a URL direct to the main BlackBerry Theme page:

Note I posted an OTA page that you can browse on the BB and use OTA to install direct. The link is on this page:

You need the theme reader application if you have never loaded a theme (one-time install). Its posted too.

Hope you enjoy them. My favorite is Alien World!

2006-02-05 22:20:18
7200 version?
There appears to be a version for the 7200 but it says that OS 4.1 is required. Do you know if version 4.1 of the OS is even available for the 7200 series? If so, where can I get it.

Thanks, Frank

2006-02-07 16:56:58
mac / blackberry theme install
OK, I'm having difficulty installing this new theme to my BBerry. I'm a MAC user. I installed the mac theme, it came up on my desktop, 4 icons within the window- not sure which to click- but i clicked them all and they all asked what program I wanted to open it with. I have no idea. HELP ????
2006-02-08 07:24:32
Install Difficulty - Solution!
To install the themes, go to the link that the developer provided below:

You'll first need to install the Plazmic Theme Reader (very small download). Then install the themes of your choosing.

I had originally installed the MacBerry theme only to have it not show up in the Theme list. Once you install the Plazmic Theme Reader, these new themes will show up in the list.

Also note that BlackBerry OS 4.1 is required.

2006-02-09 07:40:39
7200 version?
There is system software 4.1 for the 7200 series. I believe you would need to download it (over the air install) from your wireless carrier's support site because RIM does not post them on their's.

Many people are using the MacBerry theme on 72XX devices so it may be worth updating your device.

2006-02-09 21:49:13
OS 4.1?
I used OTA to download the theme to my 7100g. But, how do I get the right OS so that I can use the theme? I am a Mac user, if that matters. Please advise. I definitely want to use your product.