Mac Switch-Back, In-Progress

by Kim Walls

If you follow Apple closely, you may have noticed that they have a new ad campaign. Call it, "Switchers."

I guess you could say that I am a "switch-back, in-progress."

Being the Marketing Manager for the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference, I have Mac OS X and it's audience on my mind. I got to thinking, "Why am I switching back after over 6 years on a Windows laptop?" Well, I decided to look back at my history with computers for an answer. Does this sound familar to you?

1st computer ever - Heathkit with an Intel 8008 processor

1st computer in a programming class - Apple IIe

1st computer that I paid for - Amiga (It was the blitter that did it.)

1st computer job out of college - using the Apple Lisa and the Wang VS 100 (We wanted a smart, less-expensive, box sitting on everyone's desk, networking with the VS.)

1st 100 times I saw "The Bomb" - Apple Lisa (We quickly went to the Macintosh.)

1st five-figure computer lease - Apple PowerMac (The software cost as much as the computer.)

1st laptop - Microsoft hired and converted me.

1st and 2nd computer requiring no software purchases - the Heathkit and the iBook (so far)

And there it is; I can play around with this system for months (maybe years) without buying any software. Frankly, there are so many things that I want to do with my new iBook that I can't decide where to begin. Fun or work. Fun or work. I'm having too much fun with iTunes and iPhoto to set up my email and networking. I can't truly call myself a switcher until I do that much.

What information would help you with the switch? Maybe we'll have a conference session about it.


2007-01-14 00:31:15