Mac World and Wild Crazy Rumors

by Allen Rockwell

The Inside Aperture blog has been online for about 2 months now and I've made several blog posts that are of a technical nature or about specific techniques. Today I wanted to do something kind of fun with the blog that will involve you the readers.

I'm going to throw out a bunch of rumors that I've heard about what products or software will be announced at MacWorld next week either on the show floor or during the keynote (Stevenote) speech. After I reveal the rumors that I've head I would love it if the readers would post responses to the rumors I mentioned or maybe add your own rumors (it doesn't matter if they are credible or not, this post should be fun).

apple_iphone.jpgFirst of all is the Apple cel phone which will certainly not be called the iPhone as Linksys has already taken that name. Rumors are flying as to if it will be a GSM or a CDMA phone and what carrier will be the launch carrier.

At WWDC we heard about iTV. Will it be shipping next Tuesday? What will the price be?

Will OSX 10.5 Leopard be released? Probably not, it looks like 10.4.9 will come out before 10.5 (it's already in the hands of developers) and it hasn't hit Software Update yet.

How about iLife '07 and iWork '07? already lists both packages but without a release date or pricing. Are they getting ready for next week?

Mac Pros with quad core Intel (Clovertown) processors? That would mean you can order a Mac Pro with the equivalent of 8 processors. Note to existing MacPro owners, the new quad core processors will be a direct replacement for the existing dual core Xeon chips, meaning you can buy the new chips and plug them in your Mac Pro and go right back to work ... but a lot faster :)

Aperture 2.0 coming next week? Probably not ... it just feels too early for that. Maybe at PMA?

35782os_X_Leopard-med.jpgSo, there are a few wild rumors. What do you think? Do you have any to add to the list?

Until next time,

Keep shooting.

Allen Rockwell
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2007-01-05 08:43:40
LCD based on LED backlit. Every photographer will want one.
Here is an NEC version which is very impressive.
Allen Rockwell
2007-01-05 16:30:45
Update: has taken iLife 07 and iWork 07 off their site ... for a short while renamed them "Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #1" and "Apple MacWorld 2007 Announcement #2".

Has Amazon gotten a sense of humor all of the sudden?

2007-01-05 18:58:17
any Inside Aperture Macworld meetups planned? I am going as well
I haven't a clue what they will reveal.
2007-01-05 21:11:24
While it may seem fun, there are enough rumor sites on the web. I read these blogs for information/knowledge on aperture. Let the Apple/Mac rumor pages handle the rumors and stick to useful info, please.
Allen Rockwell
2007-01-05 21:26:10
Sorry Alex. Just trying to have a little new years fun here. I'll see if I can get you a full refund for your Inside Aperture blog subscription.
2007-01-07 21:50:05
Well, I'm sorry too, but I fully agree with Alex, and honestly, I'm getting tired of all the buzz and fuss and reading about phone or no phone, so it's not really fun. Apart of that, love this blog! Happy New Year!