MacBook Makes Major Leap Forward

by Tom Bridge

Ever had to take a Hard Drive out of any of the PowerBooks that have been introduced since they moved into shiny alumnium or titanium shells?

Remember the amount of swearing that caused the paint to literally peel from your walls? I sure do. While getting a Hard Drive out of a Pismo or a Lombard was certainly non-trivial, getting one of an aluminum powerbook required spelunking gear and rappell lines. Don't even get me started on the iBooks, we could be here all day.

Not so, the new MacBook. Check out the video from

With levers to make sure RAM comes out properly, and an easy-to-remove S-ATA drive, I'm going to come right out and say that the MacBook is a piece of engineering that has been sorely lacking from the Mac world for quite some time.

Thanks, Apple, for giving us real choices this time around.


2006-05-18 12:48:02
Very cool video!
2006-05-18 14:13:12
Thanks, MacDev, and MacWorld!! Great video, and exactly what the new MacBooks needed. I almost always at some point need to replace the hard drive in my PowerBooks/iBooks. Now, at last... it's easier than my old Pismo!
2006-05-19 01:21:23
Did you mean to say that getting a hard drive out of a pismo or a lombard was trivial? Because I can't see the non-triviality in flipping the keyboard, removing the heat shield and getting out the hard drive.

If they ever decide to use flash memory in portables I hope that they make the hard drive hot-swappable. The hard drive would be screwed to a tray and you could pull it out on the side of the notebook. I guess Apple would be more than happy to sell a hard drive tray for $50 to the needing ones.

2006-05-19 08:43:11
That was truely beautiful...
Mario Aeby
2006-05-20 16:36:22
I wonder whether Apple did this on purpose to empower its customers to replace the parts by themselves, like it was with the iMacs G5?

Or could it be that the assembly at the fab is much easier this way - meaning more output in shorter time?

Or did Apple even start engineering with a reference design of the manufacturer which featured those easy exchangeable parts?

I really don't know.

2007-05-24 12:14:10
It is not as simple as it looks unfortunately :(
I was very excited after I got my 2GB RAM in mail but I could'nt remove the second (middle) screw out while the other 2 posed no issues. Problems,problems,problems :(

Hope they do away with these screws for hardware upgrades.

2007-11-18 12:44:50
thank you so much, with your instructional videos, my brother was able to replace my hard drive, so that i didn't have to py mega bucks to have it fixed. you are awesome!!