MacBook Mysteries

by Todd Ogasawara

I know it is silly to get excited over the arrival of a notebook computer. But, I was pretty darn excited when my MacBook arrived on Tuesday (after a wild journey that went from China, Alaska, Indiana, California, and finally to my state). After the intial excitement, I started looking at the various questions I had about the MacBook garnered from web while waiting. Here's what I've found so far...


2006-05-25 00:49:00
An SD card slot

Sure. And a CompactFlash slot, a SmartMedia slot, a Memory Stick slot, an XD-Picture Card slot, ...

2006-05-25 01:02:18
Oliver is exactly right - if you included a particular memory card reader, you'd have to include them all. Aside from the issue of where to put the slots, a 15-in-1 USB 2.0 reader costs - oh - a couple of £/$ and weighs practically nothing.

The camera idea is a nice one - I thought the same too. My iSight feels like it needs tilting down a few degrees (so that the screen is at the best viewing angle whilst I used it).

Todd Ogasawara
2006-05-25 09:24:02
SD readers are very common on notebooks running Windows XP. Why that and not other card formats? The SD card is pretty clearly the storage format of choice in consumer point-and-shoot (non-SLR) digital cameras. Some larger notebooks (and remember that the MacBook at over 5 pounds is not in the sub-notebook class) have both SD and CF cards covering probably 80+% of cameras (including digital SLRs).
2006-05-25 16:20:29
Actually, the only thing I find more silly than the current number of different memory card formats available is the speed at which this number increases. It shouldn't be long before we can buy 42-in-1 card readers (damn, they already exist).

Considering that CF cards are the largest ones, a CF reader with adapters for the other formats would be interesting, provided that the adapter can be kept inside the CF slot permanently without exceeding the edge of the laptop. An SD slot would take less space, though. I hadn't realised that consumer cameras now use SD cards. I'm still in the CF era :-)

2006-05-25 19:03:02
Glad to hear those comments. Mine should arrive in about 8 hours (gosh, I need to go to bed...), and I'm sure going to review it, too. It's going to be the 1.83 GHz model with 2 GB of RAM.
Todd Ogasawara
2006-05-25 22:49:13
Olivier: I have a bunch of CF cards myself for "older" (old > 2 years old these days :-) and, again, older Pocket PCs. SD cards seem to have started to take over the consumer digital camera market about 2 years ago. Canon, Kodak, and Nikon consumer models generally use SD. Sony use the Memory Stick. And, there are some xD card cameras (but not many from what I can tell). Oddly enough, it is the SD card that has an adapter... for the thumbnail sized miniSD found in many smartphones. Sony also has a Memory Stick adapter for their Memory Stick Pro Duo that is most associated with the Sony PSP. And, yeah, the proliferation of flash storage is driving me batty too :-)
Mike Perry
2006-05-25 22:54:01
I agree about the rotating camera and I posted a suggestion about it to Apple a couple of days ago. My suggestion was a camera that rotates 180 degrees horizontally: forward to the user, to the side where it can see nothing (privacy), and foward for conference speakers and in classrooms. The camera could be turned with a coin-sized slot like the battery release.
2006-05-25 23:27:01
"SD cards seem to have started to take over the consumer digital camera market about 2 years ago"

Perhaps, but CF still rules the pro-audio recording niche. I think Oliver is right, there is no "one-size-fits-all" when it comes to flash memory storage.

Serina Jo
2007-02-05 12:23:39
Not bad... But I too am a bit concerned about the heat.
2007-02-18 16:17:59
I also recently got a MacBook, and I am pretty concerned about the heat... it is currently running at 163F and I have gotten a program that allows the fans to run constantly, does anyone know a way of cooling it down... it defeats the purpose of a "laptop" when it is too hot for your lap :P