MacBook Pro: More Thoughts

by Tom Bridge

Just a few more thoughts this morning about the new MacBook Pro:

The first major gaping hole in my day to day workflow was exposed when it was revealed that Apple Remote Desktop Admin doesn't work on the new MacBook Pro. The app launches, then fails. Supposedly a 2.2.1 is coming that will be Intel compatible, but until it does, I'm short a serious part of my server admin workflow. If ARD is a requirement for your computing life (and there are a few of you out there, many of you early adopters), please consider waiting until detailed plans are announced. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the Server Tools have made Universal Binary, though.

Battery life appears to be 3.25 working hours after a full charge. I began to "unplugged" around 9:40 this morning and two and a half hours later, my battery charge is 23%, just barely into the red, or 45 minutes.

I continue to be impressed and amazed by stupid little things like restart time. Elapsed time from selecting Restart, with six applications open, to rebooted, with those same six apps open was approximately 3 minutes, 3 seconds, or roughly half of what it was on my old PowerBook G4 (5 minutes, 30 seconds).

What are you finding out about your MacBook?


2006-03-01 13:45:55
That I wish I had one.
2006-03-01 14:57:51
Can't you use Chicken of the VNC?
Tom Bridge
2006-03-01 18:49:29
I can use Chicken of the VNC, lulu, but that's just for screen viewing not for actual client maintenance.
Debbie T
2006-03-01 20:48:13
Thank you for these updates. I think it is useful to hear about real-life use of Macs!
2006-03-02 00:42:01
Tom, this is probably too much effort and expense for an interim solution, but LANrev ( not only runs on Intel Macs but also supports those annoying legacy Windows clients ;-)
James Bailey
2006-03-02 11:22:09
I'm finding out that mine is still not here. I ordered it on Jan 19th. I received a DOA MacBook Pro on Feb 27th. I shipped it back on Feb 28th and now I'm waiting for a replacement. The website says March 28 but I've been assured that they will prioritize it based on the RMA. Not happy.
2006-03-03 04:56:26
That it runs absurdly hot, and thanks to a hard drive relocation to the lower left corner, it's very uncomfortable to type on, or pretty much use at all, after the hard drive warms up. My Powerbook doesn't have this issue, at all.
Mike Heinz
2006-03-04 20:33:05

I *did* have that issue with my first gen AlBook 15" - it got very very hot right where my wrists lay. The solution for me was to buy a set of 4 big rubber feet at Radio Shack - the 1/4" tall rubber pads provide enough airflow under my Albook to keep the heat tolerable.