MacHack Eve

by Chuck Toporek

After driving ~800 miles from Cambridge, Mass. to Dearborn, Mich., I've landed in my old stomping grounds for the next best thing to attending the WWDC: MacHack.

The next conference on my summer schedule takes me back home to Michigan. Rather than flying, I decided to take some time and drive back here. After roughly 800 miles of driving, I landed in Dearborn, Michigan before noon today to attend the 17th annual MacHack conference.

The conference kicks off tonight at midnight with a keynote by none other than Tim O'Reilly, and runs through midnight on Saturday. (Tomorrow night's midnight keynote is by Rob Malda of Slashdot fame.) MacHack is sort of like the mecca of the Midwest for Mac developers.

Over the next couple days, I'll post infrequent updates to my blog, reporting on the events of MacHack that I attend, and about the people I meet here. I'll also post some odd notes about the area and my daily commute. Rather than spending time holed up in a hotel room, I've also opted to stay with my folks during my short time here, so don't be surprised if they get mentioned here as well.

Today's topic: Construction.

If you're already here for MacHack, you've undoubtedly had to weave your way through various construction zones. After arriving here at MacHack this morning (I spent last night in Toronto, ON, Canada with friends), I quickly noticed tons of orange construction signs. A driver's worst nightmare. Joy!

Since MacHack didn't start until later, I decided to head home to see the folks, take a shower, and change clothes. My parents live in Trenton, MI, about 30-40 minutes from here. Uh, that's under "normal" circumstances. My dad warned me about some of the routes, so I decided to take the back way, but made the grave mistake of trying to take Telegraph Road in Taylor. One word instantly came to mind: "Shit!" Boy was that a mistake!

The route back was a lot quicker:

  • I-75 N to Sibley

  • Sibley to Middle Belt

  • Middle Belt to I-94 W.

  • I-94 W. to the Southfield.

  • Exit at Ford W., and poof!, you're there!

I guess living here for ~18 years has some sort of advantage. I managed to get back here in the 30-40 minute timeframe, so I'm feeling pretty good. And then, after getting a static IP address from Steve so I could access the O'Reilly VPN, life was even better.

More tomorrow from MacHack.

Have a better route? Feeling the pain of dealing with the construction zones? Vent your frustrations and set yourself free!


Jonathan Gennick
2002-06-19 19:11:48
I share your pain about all that construction. I ran into a good bit on the drive down from Munising, all on I-75. Fortunately, traffic was light so I only had to slow down--no traffic jams.

I too am enjoying the brief visit "home". I drove by my old school and church (just off the Southfield). My first computer class, by the way, was a COBOL course I took at nearby Henry Ford Community College. I took that course the summer before my senior year in high-school. Boy, those were some good times.

Jonathan Gennick
O'Reilly Editor

2003-06-19 18:18:47
better route
Living one block off Telegraph in Dearborn, I don't even want to hear anyone elses pain about this (except that I can ride my bike (triumph or trek) to the holiday inn.

Anyway, a better route would be 75 north to Allen Rd (right by Eureka). Take Allen north to Southfield. It's Southfield Rd there, but turns into Southfield Fwy in about a mile. Then you are only about 5 miles from Ford Rd and the Holiday Inn.

Give it a try, it may save you a few minutes.

I also suggest Miller's Bar on Michigan Ave for some burgers (between Outer Dr and Telegraph). Best in town.