MacJournal's transition

by Giles Turnbull

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It's a shame to see that some people have had an extremely negative response to Dan Schimpf's decision to make the latest release of MacJournal a commerical application.

The pre-release version 2.7 has been re-numbered 3.0 and will cost $30 for new customers. Anyone upgrading from an older version of the app need only send an email to get a discount code, and pay just $15. For the time being, if you really don't want to pay any money, you can still download version 2.6 from Dan's home page.

Schimpf's supporters (and I count myself as one of them) say they have been happy, but very surprised, that MacJournal has remained a free application for as long as it has. Some detractors have criticized him for choosing to partner with Mariner Software as a commercial publisher of the software. An unhelpful minority have resorted to petty name-calling and petulant displays of public sulking.

Personally, I think that even the full price of $30 is excellent value for an app that does so much (including, in case you've never tried it out, Blogger and LiveJournal posting, WikiLinks, nested journals, full screen mode, a myriad of export and backup options, and a built-in taco). I hope that Dan's arrangement with Mariner Software gives him the support (financial and otherwise) he needs to keep developing what is for me, an essential piece of OS X software.

Switching from free to commercial is going to cause problems for any developer; do you have any similar stories?


2005-01-14 12:44:10
Very worthwhile program
I find MacJournal a very worthwhile program and upgraded to the new version. I use it for both personal journaling, keeping track of information on projects and I've started using it with my weblogs. The interface and features are very helpful for writing. The nested journals is something that I particularly like in the new version