MacSanta Rallies 100 Mac Devs

by Oliver Breidenbach

Another astonishing thing happening in the Mac developer community. 100 developers signed up for MacSanta, offering 200 products.

This practically proves that there is a need for a Mac Marketplace.


2006-12-27 17:55:02
No No No, please no Mac Marketplace. Anybody who knows how the Palm OS Marketplace (Palmgear and Handango) has taken the last bit of fun out of developing shareware for that platform through infighting, developers not getting paid, raising their share to almost 50% etc. can just imagine how such a scheme could turn out for Mac software.
Oliver Breidenbach
2006-12-28 00:37:48
I was not aware of the Palm OS Marketplace story. But bad implementation does not make a good idea into a bad one. Things like MacHeist and MacSanta show that shareware developers can benefit from coordinated marketing efforts.
Steve C.
2006-12-28 23:05:27
Oliver is right... a bad implementation does not make a good idea bad.

I bought four products (three licenses for one of them) during the MacSanta promotion. Three of those I bought I did not know about until I saw the promo -- there are a lot of useful little products out there, and if they don't make the mag reviews then I don't know about them. I doubt I am alone. Besides, a nice discount always works for me.

2006-12-30 14:29:15
I wholeheartidly agree with Anonymous about the Palm OS marketplace -- I am one of those developers who gradually became strangled by the few esellers that took over the majority of the market (not mentioning Palm itself which raised the bar even further) and I basically gave up with developing Palm software.