Macworld Conference Shoot Results

by James Duncan Davidson

In January, I posted quite a few entries here about my shoot at Macworld 2007. At the time, however, I didn't go into specifics about who the client was or what the project was all about. Well, I can now take the wraps off the project. The client was Apple, Inc. and the project was to team up with my friend and podcaster Daniel Steinberg to execute a set of developer profiles for the Apple Developer Connection. Specifically, we created nine profiles of developers who were exhibiting in the ADC Developer Pavilion.



2007-02-21 16:59:46
Great work; and you introduced me to the Monochrome Mixer. Didn't even know it was there! Haha, embarrassing. Glad I know have the blog in my RSS reader so I won't miss anymore great information.
2007-02-22 11:22:41
Having been at the show and knowing how crazy some spots are on the floor I am amazed you managed to shoot as long as you did! Great work!
I kinda like the candid B&W shots more than the posed ones, thats just me. What did you use to light these?
James Duncan Davidson
2007-02-22 13:46:23
Ian: It's interesting to me that you like the candids more. It's great feedback actually.

As far as lighting, the candid shots were a mix of lighting. Some of them were available light coming off the nasty lights above the show floor. Some were with a single speedlight on a lightweight stand and either a PocketWizard or IR transmitter. I'm pretty sure the candids of Chris, Lorenzo, Eddy, and Dr. George were available light and the rest were with the off-camera flash. And, of course, all of the posed shots were with the speedlight on remote stand.

The most challenging part of the assignement was managing the lighting--especially when on the show floor with lots of people. I learned a lot in a short amount of time there.

The N00b
2007-02-26 09:51:20
Looking good!