Macworld Predictions, Not Leaks

by Derrick Story

One of the great things about being out of the loop is that it's safe. I can say anything I want because I know nothing. Yes, I am under many NDAs with Apple, but it's about stuff so boring that you wouldn't care if I told you, which I wouldn't do anyway. So it's harmless to share with you what I think is going to happen at Macworld SF 2005.

First, Steve will announce changes to the iApps. Why do I say that? Well, it's been forever since we've seen much activity outside of iTunes. In fact, it's been one year. And the previous announcements were one year before that. Do you see a pattern here? So I boldly predict that we will see updates to some existing iApps, plus a few new ones. And a word processor is not out of the question.

Now let's go to the living room. Microsoft is already there (ick!). So is HP (not ick, but not Apple either). Our friends in Cupertino have developed strong digital audio tools, decent photography stuff, and very good video apps. QuickTime is absolutely amazing. Plus they have the best OS and wireless connectivity in the biz. Put it all in a box with a big ass hard drive, add a remote control, and plug it into an HDTV -- or maybe a Cinema Display...

Also, something is going to happen with the iPod. I'd love to see a new and improved version of iPod photo. A flash iPod could be fun. A Bluetooth or WiFi iPod? Hmmm. Probably not, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Finally, Steve will announce something that's totally off my radar. I know this will happen for two reasons. First, he's on the inside and I'm not. Second, it always happens, no matter how smart I think I am.

See you in San Francisco. If you see me there, please say hi.


2005-01-09 04:25:10
O.K. Derrick - I've gotten caught up in your pre-conference excitement again. I was online comparing NetFlix to other services yesterday and had the following "what if".

The iPod can now connect to your TV. The iPod itself is not a great device for viewing movies but it might be a nice device for delivering movies from your computer to your TV. Upgrade the iTunes Express base station to have video out and you could stream the video.

The difference between movies and music, however, is that it is the more obscure films that can most benefit from this technology. Take those movies that never make it to cable, are not screened in most neighborhoods, don't get on the shelf of the neighborhood video store and make them available in an iTunes like environment for limited time rental or sales. Is there possible abuse? Sure - but this is an application of Tim O'Reilly's phrase that obscurity is more of a threat than piracy to these films.

2005-01-10 19:45:08
Mac Express
Derrick, I think Apple is going to make a major move into the living room too. However, I've been wanting them to do this since before the iPod, so I might not be the best barometer. :) Here's what I said about it on my personal weblog...

2005-01-11 03:05:40
I don't know whether i'm having a brainstorm or what, but I think we are going to see a new iLife application called iFlicks today at MacWorld. This would extend the iTunes interface into the video sector, and maybe we would see the eventual creation of an iFlicks movie store along the lines of the iTunes music store. It's not too far fetched, what with the MPAA currently following the RIAA's example and Jobs' contacts in the film industry.

This would be a logical extension of the iLife suite, and Derrick is right: activity in the iLife has been non-existent outside the iTunes arena.

What has particularly piqued my attention regarding a new iFlicks app, was the sudden disappearance of the previously announced iFlicks app from Helixent Technologies. It seemed extremely strange that this happened. I didn't think much of it, but with all this speculation could this be one of the big announcements today?

2006-01-04 22:54:13
Living Room
Front Row was made to be used on a tv! It was just a nice way to sell iMacs.... Strange that the new Vongo movie download site bars Mac users, a little dramatic don't you think? Not even a preview??? A red dot next to 'Mac OS X'?
The home run is an Intel mini set up for tv, probably HD, coupled with the Vongo people opening up the doors to the Mac....Suddenly Front Row will show movies, not trailers, best...keynote..ending ...ever!
Extra Bonus points if Apple caves and licenses (not opens up) the FairPlay DRM and lets anyone write to an iPod. If only for the good will, and huge licensing income...