Macworld Shoot Wrap Up

by James Duncan Davidson

After blogging during the experience of my recent Macworld 2007 assignment, I think I can safely say that it was a really good way to think in detail about my workflow and my use of Aperture. As well, some really great questions and comments were raised by readers that focused right in on some great topics. To put a solid finish on this experience, here's a look back at the posts and some follow on thoughts that came out of each.

The Day 0 post (apologies for the geek reference) focused on the process of preparing for the shoot and gathering the equipment necessary. Everything worked without a hitch during the shoot. In particular, I'm really happy with the way that the LaCie Rugged triple interface drive worked out. During the shoot, I found there's another reason to use an external drive: it was very easy to slip into my pocket when I needed to leave the bulk of my equipment, including my laptop, somewhere. Whether I left my laptop in a staff office or in my hotel room, the little Rugged drive went into my jacket pocket and gave me a warm sense of security.

One item that wasn't on my equipment checklist that I may add soon is a cable lock. This was suggested by Andrew Wooster in the comments, and even though I've not had a problem so far, a bit more peace of mind is always welcome.


Glenn Wolsey
2007-01-19 23:18:30
I really enjoyed the series on Macworld. Keep up the great work, I'd like to see more article series explaining the process of someone in their shoot.
2007-01-20 12:01:30
I agree, the real world use of Aperture provides real insight on how the program can make life easier. Thanks for all the work!
P.S. I agree with the bit about pacing yourself. I was beat that Tuesday as well!
Daniel Mendez
2007-01-20 19:06:24
Loved the series. Very informative to know how others approach different assignments. I learned some new stuff.. thank you!

2007-01-22 07:19:53
Thanks for posting the series. The only thing missing is the pics themselves. If you client publishes them online, I for one would love to see them.