MacZOT offers free iClip 3

by Erica Sadun

Today through Sunday only, MacZOT offers a free version of Inventive's iClip 3, apparently to build up an audience for the upcoming introduction of iClip 4. I've been playing with it for a little while this morning.

iClip extends your clipboard into an entire scrapbook of clippings, which I'm sure can be very useful for the right kind of application. As for me, I'm not sure I'm going to keep on using it after today. For items, particularly text items, that I use a lot, I prefer to create macros with QuicKeys.

As for pictures? I didn't find a huge advantage to sticking them into the clipboard over keeping a folder open and dragging them out as needed. What's more, I can move a folder around my screen--and I can't drag around the clippings.

I was hoping to be a lot more impressed with the software than I actually was. However, given that it's free, if you're looking for a clipboard extender of this type, it may be worth giving it a spin. And, if it suits you, consider upgrading when iClip 4 appears.