Major milestone for Ruby.NET compiler

by Curt Hibbs

Professors John Gough and Wayne Kelly at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, just announced the second release of their Ruby.NET compiler that statically compiles Ruby programs for the .NET CLR. Ruby is such a dynamic language that it hard for me to understand how they can even do this (an article last summer discussed some of the unique challenges).

The big news is that it successfully runs all 871 in Ruby's installation test suite (in samples/test.rb). Their next goal is to get Ruby on Rails running:

We have just started work on getting Ruby on Rails to run on Ruby.NET and have started work on adding interoperability features to allow .NET programs written in other languages to conveniently use Ruby components and vice versa. We hope to include some of these features in the next public release.

Our plan now is to perform public releases more frequently, approximately once a month. Once we have stabalized the major design choices (including those required for interop) we will move to a more traditional open source type model where others can contribute directly to the code base. We expect this to happen in the second half of this year.


2007-02-08 23:17:42
Ruby only has 871 language-specific tests? I browsed the source code and the file you mentioned is the only one I found that tests the core language, not any libraries.
Curt Hibbs
2007-02-09 03:53:26
The most comprehensive test suite for Ruby is Rubicon ( Eventually, Ruby.NET will need to pass that test suite, but this is still a major accomplishment!