Make JSR 296 Data-Centric

by Norbert Ehreke

Looking at JSR 296 I have the impression that it should focus on data-centric applications and that the target audience should be the newcomer rather than the programming expert.

JSR 296 is a specification request for a Java framework supporting rich client development with Swing. It is discussed, for instance, here and here.

If it's possible to really simplify development with Swing, e.g having developers not worry about all those threading issues, hiding the complexity of MVC programming (at least for beginners), more people would be attracted to Java.

Let them easily access databases, provide decent data binding & validation, provide forms communication support, provide application state handling, provide launching support, action management support (menus, toolbars and popups). Personally, I'd like to assume that the data, which is manipulated by and large, are Java Beans and collections thereof. Therefore a set of enhanced, easy-to-use JLists, JTables and JTrees should be part of the reference implementation. Oh, and let's not forget to make it pretty by default. (Some of the points I made have been already mentioned in the discussions I referred to above.)


2006-10-12 01:50:15