by Juliet Kemp

Radio silence here of late as I have been moving old website to new website; a process which is time-consuming and gives rise to a very long to-do list, but which isn't remotely interesting to anyone else. Although I have discovered that IE7 handles CSS boxes, percentages, and padding differently from Firefox/Safari/Opera. (This irritates but does not surprise me.)

I've also been dealing with some user queries about compiling Fortran. Can anyone recommend a good online beginner's tutorial on the general subject of makefiles, or on the specific subject of makefiles for Fortran? Or a decent Fortran book?


2008-04-10 09:41:53
I found that a valid strict doctype at the top of html documents will help ie7 switch to a standards mode which decreases the difference between it and Firefox/Safari/Opera. Maybe you have tried it already, but I thought I'd throw that out there.
2008-04-16 10:37:10
The only Fortran book I know, and it was pretty good, was the one I used in college:

As for makefile tutorial. I don't know. There's not a good one I am aware of. Make is just a beast.

2008-04-20 04:55:47
Actually, all browsers don't render CSS appropriately. Opera is the only one I've found that renders code close to the W3C specs.