Making a Case for Freeware & Open Source Windows Tools

by Todd Ogasawara

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The authors (James Avery and Jim Holmes) of the recently published book Windows Developer Power Tools wrote an article for O'Reilly's WindowsDevCenter making...

The Case for Freeware and Open Source Windows Tools

One of their key points is that even if you already use the feature rich Microsoft Visual Studio for development, there are many freeware and Open Source products that can be used to enhance your work with Visual Studio.

A Port 25 post titled simply Following-up... from May 2006 lists a number of Microsoft-related freeware and Open Source tools. Two in particular that caught my attention are Open Source products that help Visual Studio work with the popular Open Source CVS and Subversion version control applications.

Jalindi Igloo - Connects Visual Studio to a CVS repository

AnkhSVN - Visual Studio add-in for working with a Subversion repository


2007-02-05 11:47:07
While this is an interesting article, why is it showing up in the PHP DevCenter RSS feed ( Aside from being related to open-source in general, this article has nothing to do with PHP. Same with:

PowerShell 1.0 for Vista

Getting Your Open Source Application Running in Windows Vista

Dual Booting Vista & Linux Using Vista's Boot Manager

...among others. They're interesting articles, but they have nothing to do with PHP, and (personally speaking) they aren't what I'm looking for in this feed. Why are they being included?