Making Multiple Prints of the Same Image on a Page

by Ken Milburn

I just came across a problem with the versatility of Lightroom's print module... and a couple of solutions that work pretty well, for the time-being. The problem: I couldn't initially figure out how to print several instances of the same picture on the same page. After pondering this problem for a while, here are the two solutions I came up with:

Solution #1: Use Photoshop. This is the solution I like best because I have a lot more control over the size, resolution, and placement of the individual images. In Lightroom, I simply press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + E and the image I want to print appears in Photoshop.

multiple ps.jpg

The very first thing I do is resize the image to the size it must be in order to print as many copies as I want to print on a single piece of paper. I then double-click the background layer in the Layers palette and then press OK in the resulting dialog to let it become a standard layer. I then duplicate that layer as many times as I need to print copies on the same piece of paper. Then I create a new, empty layer and drag it to the bottom of the stack. Now I use the Image > Canvas Size command to make the overall image the same size (less borders if your printer isn't borderless) as the paper I'm going to print on. I then fill the empty bottom layer with white, select each individual layer, and move the images to the position I want them to be in when I make the print. Finally, I print the images from Photoshop. When I'm done, I flatten (to save disk space) and save the multi-image page if I'm likely to need to print it several times. If not, I just close Photoshop and then Remove (press Delete/Backspace) the image from Lightroom.

Solution #2: If the images will fit in a regular grid, just make as many Virtual Copies (Library: Photo > Create Virtual Copy) of the image as you need on a page in Lightroom. Then select the thumbnails of all the versions of the same image and go to the Print module. In the Page Grid panel, drag the sliders to give you as many rows and columns as you need in order to make the number of prints that you need to make. Bingo! They all appear neatly laid-out on the page.


2007-06-07 12:54:20
Please tell me the difference between your solution and just checking the box called "Repeat One Photo per Page" in "Image settings" of the Print module?
Hai Vu
2007-06-07 13:01:02
In the Print module, you can select a single picture, then select "Repeat one photo per page" under Image Setting in the right column.

In the next step, you will modify how many rows and columns of pictures per page. To accomplish this task, look under the Layout section in the right column. Here, you can change the number of rows and columns, along with the spacing around each cell.

I hope this works for you.

Carol Parker
2007-06-07 13:35:35
Unless I misunderstand your dilemma, the answer in Lightroom is to check the box "Repeat One Image per Page" in Print Module, Image Settings. One photo is then inserted multiple times into the selected template.

You're right. Unfortunately, I just heard about that possibility the first time. It doesn't, however, solve the problem if you want different sizes of that same image on the same page. Thanks for the good tip, all the same. -Ken

Sean McCormack
2007-06-07 15:29:47
Loads of people in before me..
Sid Jervis
2007-06-08 12:53:09
Been said already.......
2007-11-02 10:50:39
The other solution is to get QImage. That program allows you much better print layout flexibility.