Mandatory Predictions for 2006

by Steve Mallett

1) Blogging hype will finally die down, the throngs over 25 that flocked to blogging will cease, those under 25 who haven't blogged yet will pick up the difference, blogs continue to be incredibly useful despite so many pronouncements of its eminent death.

2) There will be funded Linux start-ups whose demise will result is people pronouncing Linux's death in the enterprise. Self-funded/bootstrapped Linux companies will do just fine. Linux will continue unabated.

3) Many popular tech websites will shutter or retool for major 'web 2.0' features hoping against hope that they can survive all their readership hanging out at Digg. Expect Digg-like niche sites to pop up all over.

4) Sites will develop additional, for-pay, premium content as ad revenues decline. See prediction number 3.

5) A no-fees E-Bay killer will emerge.

6) "iPod Invisa". Just kidding.

7) Expect Apple lawsuits over hackers getting OS X to run on commodity hardware.

8) Microsoft will begin divulging a plan to give Windows away super-cheap, integrating mandatory for-pay services like security or something resembling it.

9) Ubuntu will continue to dominate the Desktop Distro wars.

10) Desktop users will get either bigger or more screens as prices drop. Laptop users will begin moving to something smaller than a 12" iBook, but bigger than a Treo, laptop/handheld hybrid. Nokia or Apple will pioneer it.

11) A successor to Google search will emerge among alpha-geeks. Google doesn't worry, rolls around in adsense money.