Marketing Books Online

by Christopher Diggins

I had a successful stint doing online marketing back in the old days. Now that my book is out ( C++ Cookbook ) I find myself thinking like a marketing pro again.

For fun I wrote a 10 page article about online marketing with regards specifically to books, and I am wondering where to go from here. It is very minimalist, so I could easily swell that up to a couple of hundred pages. The question is, do I try an pitch a "Book Marketing Hacks" book? Or perhaps an eBook? Should I go independant, or stay with O'Reilly? Should I make a series of articles? Or perhaps an entire column?

My question then specifically is this: would you buy a book about marketing books online, or would you prefer something more general, and what format would you like to see such a book? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

So do you want me to tell you how to sell more books?


2005-11-11 19:22:36
Amazon secrets revealed?
If your book were to discuss correlation techniques used by the likes of Amazon and Google -- the methods used to select which ads do best on what sites -- I would be very interested.
2005-11-12 12:35:02
Amazon secrets revealed?
Well I have no clue how Amazon does it, but Google I would expect must use the same method it uses for indexing pages. Google indexes the page and creates a weighted inverse keyword lookup. Knowing the precise mechanism is the holy grail of SEO, and would be exceedingly valuable. Does this help?