Markov blogging

by Andy Lester

Three times a week, MarkovBlogger posts an entry at
It always has something interesting to say, like:

as we all fear about cloning is reproductive cloning - replacing your failing organs with fresh, healthy ones (by creating a new IO system on my knee for about an hour with wireless (source)

if we decide to install ZoneAlarm on the schedule because there are no O'Reilly books for us, the Old Executive Office Building was in Monterey, I think. Perhaps "furniture" is a pro-choice/anti-microsoft one.

I'm glad I got another email message to fill a bottle with a laser printer for a database with lots of useless constant globals. :-)

I went to lunch with most object inheriting from the heat. The crocodile feeding was the response to a different icon)

The MarkovBlogger was created by
Joe Johnston.
a simple Perl program adapted from a program in The Practice Of Programming that performs its analysis on journal entries, and posts a journal entry of its own twisted creation.

I first ran into autogenerated text back in 1984 from an article in Byte with a program listing for
Travesty generator. I believe it was in BASIC, and I had to translate it into Turbo Pascal. I was hooked, and threw every scrap of text at it that I could find.

My thanks to Joe for providing this valuable public service.

Where else have you seen Markov chains applied on the web?


2003-11-13 06:03:30
check out the postmodernism generator
If you like autogenerated text, check out the postmodernism generator at Warning: do not try to read the first text you see! Go to the bottom of the page for the note about how it was generated first.