Mars in Scorpio rampant

by Uche Ogbuji

XSLTBlog is a nice site which I learned about on planet xmlhack. The posting I objected to was unfair, but I suspect that unfairness was based on a legitimate misunderstanding. Saying it was "ignorant" was too strong. I have XSLTBlog in my Firefox RSS bookmarks for a daily scan, and if you use XML, you might want to consider the same measure.

Mike Champion is a solid commentator on XML issues. Even though I tend to disagree with him about 50% of the time on technical issues, he's always worth a listen. Ditto his blog in my Firefox. I'm glad Mike may be giving Semantic Web technologies a second thought (I presume he's reconsidering the technologies rather than the whole strong AI Web postulate). I think most XML people come to appreciate SemWebTech as soon as they decide to look beyond the ugliness that is RDF/XML to the essential usefulness (and utter simplicity) that is the underlying model.

Of course there's nothing nice to say about the hunt-by-Web arcade but in observing them I imagine there is no one on Earth in more desperate need of Karma balance. I hope the site owner is an avid organ donor.

Until the next flame^H^H^H^H^H posting then. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards all hackers.

Is this just an outrageous ploy to avoid a stocking full of Newcastle's finest?