MarsEdit 2.0 Released

by Robert Daeley

mars edit screenshot

I’m writing this from the new MarsEdit 2.0, just released by Red Sweater Software. It’s like a familiar friend shows up for dinner and has transformed into a gourmet cook.

After Daniel Jalkut took over development of the app from Brent Simmons, he kept up a steady supply of bug fixes and minor changes. With this newest release, he makes MarsEdit his own.

Check out the full list of What’s New in 2.0, but I’ll say right off the bat that my two favorites (after a bit of futzing around) have to be the revamped interface and the Flickr integration.

This is one of my most frequently used day-to-day applications, allowing me to post to and manage a bunch of blogs without all that inefficient browsing around all over creation. So far, Daniel's updates have made that job even more of a pleasure.


Scot Hacker
2007-09-08 00:01:50
Robert, do you think MarsEdit is starting to catch up to Ecto, or is it still a ways off?
Scot Hacker
2007-09-08 00:20:31
Hmm... I just gave MarsEdit a test drive, and will definitely be sticking with Ecto. Unless I'm just not seeing where the options are, I can't see any way to:

- Toggle between HTML and rich text mode
- Resize or convert or compress images
- Modify code templates to do things like attach rel="lightbox" to img tags
- Insert currently playing iTunes track

It seems like it's starting to copy a lot of Ecto's UI elements, but still lacks a lot of its features.

Scot Hacker
2007-09-08 00:22:35
... Or even to create thumbnails from inserted pictures, linked to larger versions.