MathMe: Smartphone and PDA front-end to Mathematica

by Todd Ogasawara

screenshot obtained from MatMe Home Page

This image is from the MathMe Home Page

[Note: I first read about this on
Russell Beattie's blog
I don't have access to Mathematica.
But, if you do, you might want to check out MathMe (Mathematica micro edition).
It lets you use Mathematica from PDAs, phones, and smartphones that support J2ME.

MathMe's creator, Zeno Crivelli, describes it as:
MathMe (Mathematica micro edition) is a J2ME application that brings the full power of Mathematica to your mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone or PDA). It is basically a mobile frontend for Mathematica that connects to a remote kernel running on a full-fledged server to do the computation.

Tried MathMe yet? Let us know how it works for you.


2005-04-10 05:44:14
Why in the world is mathematica so expensive?
I'm not surprised that you don't have access to it. Who can afford it? IIRC it's like $1800!

It's a rare piece of software that can make Photoshop look like a bargain!

2005-04-11 01:10:33
Just thought I would mention LyME an amazingly free Matlab compatible 'Light-weight Math Engine' for PalmOS:

They're also working on a Windows Mobile version too by the looks of it.
David Kirkby
2006-06-02 18:53:47
Anyone who has considered MathMe might like to take a look at WITM, which is an acronym for Web Interface To Mathematica. WITM makes minimal demands of the broswer - there is no need for Java, Frames, Cookies or anything else beyond a very basic broswer. WITM has been tested with full sized broswers and also an hp IPAQ PDA, but it has not currently been tested on a smartphone. WITM is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License. WITM is a PHP application, so a web server (probably Apache) will need to be configured to server PHP pages.
David Kirkby |
2006-06-12 07:24:21
Believe it or not, I do know howto spell browser. Anyway, check out WITM