Maven Registry Continues to Evolve

by Tim O'Brien

I've been continuing to make small changes here and there to the MVN Registry. I've built out the version pages, such that you can look at a specific version of Commons Codec, and see exactly what depends on it and what it depends upon. In addition, if a project has filled out the right fields, every project version should have a description, a list of contributors and developers, a link to the project page, and a link to mailing lists.

I've also added two Top 25 lists to show you the most depended upon projects. The current leaderboard is commons-logging with 1053 projects depending on it, junit with 1036 projects, and Log4J with 689. If anyone has any feature requests, feel free to leave a comment.


Archimedes Trajano
2006-04-03 15:15:10
Two things to add if possible:

* direct link to ibiblio to download the jar file
* firefox plugin.

Tim O'Brien
2006-04-03 15:40:11
Added a direct link to the ibiblio repository. The feature currently assumes that you are trying to download a JAR, but eventually it needs more intelligence to figure out if the artifact for a particular version is a war, ear, sar, etc.

Check it out:

Firefox extension, well that's another matter altogether.... Stay tuned.

Archimedes Trajano
2006-04-05 12:38:16
You can sell a version of the mavenregistry to companies that might have their own maven registry. Assuming you put in support for multiple registries.
2006-04-26 08:12:10
MvnRepository is another ibiblio frontend with nice features like tagged artifacts and rss feeds to track ibiblio changes.
Marcel Schutte
2006-05-09 13:49:20
You could also use the relocation info in the details page of an artifact. See for instance

Relocation is a means by which the maven team tries to reach uniformity in the naming of artifacts. Every existing 'alias' of an artifact is relocated to it.

Julian Wood
2007-01-08 17:39:46
Still getting a 502 Bad Gateway for

I used to love this site - is it coming back? It's been this way for a couple of weeks now.