Maybe this was what Pherotones were all about...

by Bruce Stewart

jj.jpg A few weeks ago we were all chuckling about the Pherotone site put up by McKinney Silver, and wondering what they might be trying to promote with this apparently stealth marketing campaign ("Pherotones" supposedly being ringtones that had a pherenome-like affect). I never got a good answer about that, but bells went off in my head when I noticed this item about a new animated series developed exclusively for mobile phones that features porn star Jenna Jameson. Well, her voice anyway. I'm guessing that if anyone could make a ringtone that would get people all hot and bothered, it's probably Jenna.

The show called "Samurai Love God" is an original animated mobile video series from Comedy Central. Featuring eight 2-1/2 minute episodes, the series will premiere this quarter across three cellular carriers, Verizon, Sprint Nextel and Amp'd.