by Stéphane Faroult

I am not sure that the soothing discourse of vendors about "easy administration" goes the right way. When I read in Oracle's "2 Day DBA" guide
Prior knowledge or experience with managing databases is not required. The only requirement is a basic knowledge of computers.

I can just wonder. Everything would no doubt be perfect if we were living in a world where things just keep rolling the way they are, where volumes increase just slowly, where no one does any mistake and where DBMS products have no bug. Unfortunately, in a world where databases are often the nexus of information systems and where Murphy's law rules, database administration often requires a bit more knowledge than being able to locate Ctrl, Alt and Del on the keyboard.
Good skills are as required as ever - and possibly more than ever. Automation only affects the boring, routine part of the job. But IT departments will suffer if the DBA (or, for that matter, any IT staff) image is destroyed.
Working as a DBA used to be an enviable career, for University graduates as much as for self-taught IT professionals. Welcome to the days where basic computer skills will decide of a career as a DBA or as a hamburger-flipper.


Cliff Palmer
2006-02-21 09:03:30
You're right that automation only impacts the boring parts of the job, and is therefore a threat to the marginally competent (who can only perform the routine parts of the job) and the power-broker (I am the DBA - do it my way or else). The smart, focused-on-the-customer, capable-problem-solver DBA will welcome these tools as a way to spend less time on the things that are boring (and detract from the real work) and help their customers do more with the tools.
Gitesh Trivedi
2006-05-17 10:35:47
Exactly,I am have been working as Oracle DBA from last 7 years.Every year new version is lunched with new automation features.But nobady tell that software is absolutely bug free. Day by day demand of company has being changed.There are lot of old fashion tools and new fashion tools available to check database health. I don't think Tuning of database will be solved by automation tools.It is only the way of Advertisement of New version of RDBMS software.