McDonalds will provide free WiFi gaming for Nintendo DS

by Todd Ogasawara

The New Yorks Times/CNET reports in...

McDonald's, Nintendo seal Wi-Fi deal

that McDonalds (and their WiFi provider Wayport) will offer free WiFi gaming access for Nintendo DS game console users.
This, in my unsophisticated marketing mind, is brilliant.
McDonalds already draws hordes of early grade school kids with their Kids Meal toy "freebies".
Now, they can attract the slightly older kids and teenagers (and probably some adults too!) with free WiFi for DS gaming.
I just bought my child a DS and the Nintendogs game.
It looks truly addictive.
Nintendogs can already detect other DS's running Nintendogs in bark mode.
So, I can see kids DS's barking at each other in McDonalds and then switching cartridges to play a WiFi multiplayer game.

You can read a few more details about Nintendo's free WiFi network launch in my blog entry at...

Nintendo DS WiFi Service Going Live on Nov. 14

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