McNealy steps down at Sun

by M. David Peterson

McNealy steps down at Sun | CNET

McNealy, who will remain as chairman, was one of four co-founders of Sun 24 years ago and has been CEO for the last 22 of those. Since then, he has been a strong and often contrarian voice for change in the computing industry, but in recent years his vision hasn't translated into financial success.

Haven't even read the article any further than this... When I have, and if it seems appropriate, I may add a few more words. But I can say this... There comes a point in the history of many historical companies, (historical in the sense that they no longer exist in todays marketplace) when the leader of a company had to make a decision to either let go of control, or ultimately, let go of the company he once lead, but is now -- historically speaking -- in the history books.

Good for you Big Boss.

Those are words I had once promised myself I would never use. The reasons for this are no longer valid and therefore nothing to expound upon. Ever. It takes a Big Man to make Big Boss-like decisions in which are unselfish, focused on what he knows is the best thing that he (or she in cases where this is appropriate) can do to ensure the next generation of his company can push forward into new territories, continuing to build upon the dreams and the passion and the blood, sweat, and tears of its founders, carrying this forward into a new company with the same name, the same passion, yet this time using their own blood, their own sweat and a whole lot of grateful tears to the man who was big enough to step aside and allow a new Sparc to ignite the fire, and fan the flames of a brand new Sun that is now glowing brighter than ever, yet at the core, will always be the same as it has from the very beginning of its existence.

Welcome Jonathan. You have the shoes of what I now believe to be a very Big Boss to fill.

Fill them well, would you?

Thanks. :)


2006-04-25 00:50:57
I think you're a little confused. Zander was the Big Boss. Sun has been in a free fall since he left.
M. David Peterson
2006-04-25 03:50:44
No. I'm not confused. Just trying to show some respect to someone who made what had to be an extremely difficult decision.