MediaFLO video quality testing (a talk with Spirent)

by Andy Oram

Ever wonder how broadcasters check picture transmission quality? Traditionally, they pay people to sit for hours watching video and rating its visual appearance subjectively. So I talked this week to Spirent Communications about a new automated system they have for testing video streaming on mobile phones.

The use of cell phones for audio and video downloads is becoming surprisingly popular. Qualcomm's recently developed MediaFLO network got a lot of media attention, perhaps because it's new outlet for media. Verizon and Cingular both struck deals with MediaFLO early this year.

And the demands of offer video to cell phones present challenges a lot different from broadcast or cable television--particularly when the cell phone user decides to watch the video at the same time as doing something else with the phone--which they are prone to do, much to the annoyance (I imagine) of the content providers as well as the network operators


2007-05-28 20:20:22
It also automatically assesses user experience through key performance indicators such as frame loss, blur, jerkiness, blockiness, and audio/visual synchronization
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