meetBSD 2004

by Jacek Artymiak

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I spent most of the last weekend in Cracow (Krakow), Poland. While the city of Cracow itself is worth a long visit, I had an even better reason to be there. Two months ago I had been invited to speak at meetBSD 2004 and I was really looking forward to meeting friends old and new. What was supposed to be a small gathering of BSD fans turned out to be a happy meeting of over 150 attendees from Poland. It was really encouraging to see so many people interested in BSD in one place! Those who attended meetBSD 2004 (and quite a lot of people had to be turned away, because there was not enough room to accommodate them) had a chance to meet, listen, and talk to some very interesting people in the Polish BSD community, who presented the following talks:

  • FreeBSD/PowerPC dla systemow embedded (wbudowanych) [FreeBSD/PowerPC for embedded systems] -- Rafal Jaworowski

  • Routing dynamiczny w sieciach firmowych i osiedlowych w oparciu o pakiet quagga [Dynamic routing in corporate and neighborhood networks with quagga] -- Lukasz Bromirski

  • FreeBSD & WiFi. Narzedzia, mozliwosci, wardriving, wykrywanie rough AP, bezpieczenstwo i niebezpieczenstwo [FreeBSD & WiFi. Tools, features, wardriving, rough AP detection, security, and dangers] -- Jakub Klausa

  • pkgsrc: The NetBSD Packages Collection -- Tomasz Luchowski

  • HotSpot WiFi - tworzenie i zarzadzanie przy pomocy OpenBSD [WiFi HotSpot -- configuring and managing with ] -- Pawel Rutkowski

  • NetBSD - co nowego [NetBSD - what's new?] -- Dawid Szymanski

  • GEOM: In Infrastructure We Trust -- Pawel Jakub Dawidek

  • Scsh - lepsze skrypty systemowe [scsh - better system scripts] -- Slawomir Zak

As for myself, I decided to speak about PF, PFSYNC, and CARP. (All presentations, photos, and video footage will be available from the conference website, but if you can't wait to see some pictures, Michal Belczyk posted some of his photos.) The organizers, the speakers, and the attendees set a high standard for future BSD conferences, which is a very good thing. There is nothing wrong with BSD installfests, but we've been longing for something on a slightly higher level for a long time. And we got it. We all hope that the next edition of meetBSD will feature BSD workshops and guests from abroad to turn in an international event. The organizers, Tomek Dudzisz and Andrzej Targosz (of Fundacja Wspierania Edukacji Informatycznej 'Proidea') managed something that seemed impossible:

  • great location (Cracow!)

  • affordable prices

  • comfortable conference facilities

  • professional management

  • professional conference information packages

  • cool merchandise (badges, posters, t-shirts)

  • a free bus ride from the train station to the conference site (wow!)

I want to thank Tomek Dudzisz and Andrzej Targosz for inviting me and for taking care of the logistics, merchandise, and other things they did behind the scenes. I also want to thank Josette Garcia for sending us books, t-shirts, stickers, postcards, and catalogs. We held a raffle and distributed those goodies among the attendees. It was fun and good grass roots PR.

So, if you didn't manage to make it to Cracow in 2004, make sure to watch out for news of meetBSD 2005. They're already brainstorming the next edition. Be there! I will.

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