Meeting Vlado Meller and Peter Cho @ Universal Music Group in NYC

by M. David Peterson

So this last week was spent in New York City @ the College Music Journal Music Marathon for the pre-launch of The Viberavetions Project (( sonic|radar )) which in and of itself was an *AMAZING*, successful experience. More on that to come.

In the mean time,


2007-11-23 12:23:53
Vlado Meller, isn't he the guy that ruined Californication?
M. David Peterson
2007-11-23 12:56:25
Ruined Californication? Vlado mastered Californication, yes. But how exactly does an album that sold 15 million copies get the label "ruined"?

If your point is that Californication marked a radical shift in the sound of the Chile Peppers, and that shift wasn't something you felt to be a good thing, well then I can only agree with you. With the departure of Dave Navarro and the return of John Frusciante, to me anyway, the end result was disastrous. But not from a mastering standpoint: With 15 million copies sold the sound was obviously something quite a few folks thought was pretty damn good.

Care to elaborate your point a bit?

2008-04-15 19:41:08
It get the label because that much clipping is inherently non-musical, duh.
2008-04-15 19:44:48
If an album is mastered such that it clips all the way through, then it doesn't matter what the musicians put into it, it'll sound bad. Here's an explanation:
M. David Peterson
2008-04-18 09:36:10

Thanks for the link! Am reading up on it now...

2008-04-18 20:50:57
You're welcome! =)
M. David Peterson
2008-04-21 05:18:40

Interesting read! I hadn't realized this was the case until reading that article. I was never really much of a Californication fan (pre-Californication Peppers I *LOVE*), so never really paid that much attention to it. But after reading this article, it brings things into perspective. Thanks for taking the time to provide the link!