Metaclasses, Object Oriented Python, and more at April PyAtl Meeting

by Noah Gift

At PyAtl, the Atlanta Python User's Group, we will be having a special presentation on Object Oriented Programming, "Object Oriented Python: From the Basics all the way to Voodoo".

Jonathan LaCour, a Turbogears, and Elixir, developer will be giving a talk on Metaclasses. Drew Smathers will be giving a talk on MRO, and I will be giving a 10 minute talk on properties.

Everyone will be meeting at 6PM, at Six Feet Under before hand, and you can find directions there here.

There are still a few 10 minute talks we could squeeze in, so if you want to prove your Object Oriented chops, then grab something off list and volunteer to give a presentation on it. I would personally like to see a presentation on Mix-Ins, Static Methods and Class methods, and Operator Overloading.

You can RSVP for the event here.


2008-04-05 18:53:25
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