Metadata doesn't mean we don't need simple APIs

by Dion Almaer

There has been a lot of talk about EoD at JavaOne. I have heard a lot of developers talking abotu metadata, and how it will make dev so much easier. I have also heard skeptics, who think it will really take time for us to grok metadata use.

Ara (Mr. XDoclet) talks about this himself in his blog.

I am a fan of projects such as XDoclet/EJBGen/etc, but I have seen @tags overused myself. Having the kitchen sink in javadoc tags in your code doesn't help anyone. Linda D, the EJB spec lead, talked about how some examples she has seen look like the XML DD has just be showed into @tags.

So, metadata will be good for some things, but we need to tread carefully, and not try to get into the "new coolness" and try to put everything into metadata