Metrics for XML Projects #5: Structured Document Complexity Metric

by Rick Jelliffe

Structure Document Complexity Metric

The Structured Document Complexity Metric asks the question "How complex is this document set or schema?" for the purposes of project estimation and management. The metric works for a sampled set of documents (XML or SGML) and for grammar-based schemas as well. A schema that perfectly describes a set of document instances will have the same metric as that set, and so can be used to judge how optimal a schema is.


anjan bacchu
2006-05-17 17:27:45
hi there,

nice article.

"YAGNI deserves to be tatooed on the breast of every XML manager." -- usually, I see quotes mentioning tatooing on the forehead /hand. Should it NOT be tatooing into the heart ?


Rick Jelliffe
2006-12-12 21:22:01
Tattooing onto the heart may be fatal, so I don't recommend it.