Microsoft Access.. for the Web

by Dustin Puryear

Okay, I’m confused. I just read a blog about using Microsoft Access as the database back-end for a website. I think. Well, heck, I’m not sure. Is she saying you should convert to a true client/server database model or you should use Access itself as the database back-end?

To be honest, I think there is little value in Microsoft Access outside of its insanely easy development front-end for programmers. That’s why Access is popular: It is very easy to create a database application from scratch using Access. Even with web programming languages such as PHP you have a steeper learning curve, especially since you need to setup Apache, PHP, and MySQL (well, those are usually running on a Linux server these days anyway, although that of course brings up an obvious security issue).


Simon Hibbs
2008-04-24 13:55:53
I think this article is addressing the case where you already have an Access application and you want to make the data available through a web front-end. In which case, for a lightly used application, there's no need to throw away or port the database. If you're already familiar with VB, then why not write an ASP front-end.

Not ideal, but given a legacy database in Access it might be a good enough solution.