Microsoft and (not vs.) Python

by Todd Ogasawara

With everyone blogging about Java from JavaOne, I thought I'd say a few words about my current favorite programming language: Python.

I spend a lot of time with feet in both the Linux (workstations & servers) and Microsoft Windows (workstations, servers, and Pocket PCs) worlds. And, Python is the software glue that keeps my sanity together while leaping between them. Yet, until tonight I never thought to search itself for information about Python. If you haven't done so either, you might want to. The results are interesting [ Search for Python on ]

Sidenote: An interesting sequence of events led me to this search. I was running a low-grade fever after I got home this evening and plopped down in front of the TV instead of the computer. The Turner Classic Movie channel was showing the Indian film Dil Chahta Hai. This brought to mind that I had seen an article about Microsoft India looking for people to staff the Microsoft Next Generation Shell project who are described as... Candidates should have Windows NT or Windows 2000 system programming experience, development experience with object-oriented languages and design methodologies as well as with scripting and shell languages like PERL, Python and Bash... Then, I recalled that Mark Hammond's experimental Python for .NET compiler was funded by Microsoft. Then... well... my curiousity got to me and I hoisted myself off of the couch to search around

And, by the way,
searching results in a slightly different search result set including the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 276494: Using Python Scripts with IIS.

So, if you are a Python fan who has an interest in Microsoft Windows, search around Microsoft's various web sites. You might find some items that interests you as I did tonight.

Thoughts, comments, opinions on using Python in a Windows world?


2003-06-13 05:44:28
best way to write cross-platform
Seconded! When I first learned Python I was
developing almost exclusively for Windows, and
soon found Python an indispensable tool for COM,
far superior to all other scripting languages. Then I
switched to developing mostly for Linux, and, lo and
behold, Python was just as indispensable for all sort
of tasks. When I have to release for both platforms,
these days I wouldn't even consider any other tool
for development except Python + Qt...!
2004-02-22 13:16:37
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2005-07-26 03:51:29
win32com Script Collection

If you want to automate Applications via COM with Python on Windows you can do it with the win32com module from the Python Windows Extensions.

At is the Python win32com Script Collection where you can find a lot of examples for different Windows Applications.

2005-07-26 03:53:29
URL of Python win32com Script Collection (