Microsoft and Sourceforge

by Dustin Puryear

Okay, okay, so Microsoft makes forays into open source now and then, including both Codeplex and even some sponsored projects that are hosted on Sourceforge. It looks like they made a bit of a more high-profile push, in marketing terms, by becoming a “Diamond Sponsor” of the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards. Nifty. Nice to see a little money thrown in the pot, even if it is not a significant amount of money. (We takes what we can gets, eh?)

While thinking on Codeplex, have you taken a look lately? It has grown since I last looked. Frankly, I have never really liked the interface of the site, but then again some people don’t like Sourceforge’s UI either (I do).

(The main page is mostly useless. Use this link instead.)

I just looked through some of the projects, and… hmm, well, there needs to be more on there. For one thing, I cannot believe that an AJAX library is #1 on the site. I mean, AJAX? Sure, it’s big and cool and all Web 2.0, but #1?

Oh, and where are the Powershell projects!? I’ve complained about scripting under Windows before, and, obviously, I’ll need to blog about it again, but I just still don’t see a huge Powershell community developing. I hope one develops, but I don’t see a grassroots effort yet, and that’s when you get momentum.

Hmm, Powershell..


2008-06-11 23:04:53
This is a very active community :

But clear ksh on OpenBSD is much more better :-)

Dustin Puryear
2008-06-18 09:29:13
Oh, yeah, that site. That is a good site! :)
Dustin Puryear
2008-06-18 09:30:55
Wait. ksh? I'm still a fan of bash.

What kills me is that I'm always getting dropped into csh when I log into a client box (e.g., Sun).

csh is just.. annoying.