Microsoft Became an Apache Sponsor and is Contibuting a Patch to ADOdb

by Todd Ogasawara

OK, I was caught by surprise (but pleased anyway) by these announcements by Microsoft's Sam Ramji (Senior Director of Platform Strategy) in his blog entry...


The two that interested me most are...

1. Microsoft has become a sponsor of the Apache Foundation.

2. ADOdb patch for a native driver for PHP”built by the SQL Server team.

My take on both of these announcements is that they will enable Windows shops to more easily seriously consider running an AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP and maybe Python and Perl too) stack on Windows (WAMP). This should help AMP based web products get some consideration in these Windows shops.


Mareike Moeller
2008-07-26 01:53:33
Microsoft as sponsor of Apache is a really good news. not that MICROSOFT is the sponsor, more interesting is that microsoft is a company with enough money to sponsor apache for a long while. so the future for apache iss pretty save. interesting linktext Todd: "history.forward()" :) best wishes from Mareike
2008-07-26 09:15:37

I'd like to see they put more effort on incorporating .Net into Apache, such as project like mod_aspdotnet.
M. David Peterson
2008-07-26 11:36:18

You get that through the Mono project in mod_mono. Don't know how hard it would be to port mod_mono to support MS.NET but it would be an interesting starting point.

2008-07-28 10:46:56
my only fear is: first time m$ is "only" a sponsor, but maybe after a while the buy it all and apache is not free anymore? maybe its possible or? think about the acquisition of mysql from sun, what does it mean for the future? mysql still free, or becoming an only commercial product? who knows? many questions ... but at time i think its a good thing that ms sponsors apache and the ideas of wy & david sounds nice too, it could be a powerfull story, we will see. "good luck" to all of us - Jason | Balkonsichtschutz | germany
Todd Ogasawara
2008-07-28 11:12:35
Jason: I'm not a legal or M&A expert. But, I don't think it is possible to "buy"the Apache Foundation. You might want to check the Apache Foundation FAQ and see if you agree with my opinion/impression. In any case, people could always fork the code and start a new project if they decided they did not like what the Apache Foundation is doing.