Microsoft hires RubyCLR developer

by Curt Hibbs

First Sun hires the JRuby developers, and now Microsoft hires the RubyCLR developer. Include the VM being developed specifically for Ruby, YARV, and that makes a total of the three VM based implementations of Ruby that are under active development... WOW!


2006-10-21 06:45:52
Actually, there are four. Don't forget Cardinal (Ruby on Parrot), which is being developed by Kevin Tew.
Jeremy Jones
2006-10-23 09:15:18
This is awesome news. MS seems to really be pushing forward with the dynamic languages. Maybe I'm missing it, but I'd love to hear Microsoft say that dynamic languages are just as viable of an option for projects of any size as static languages. I keep getting the impression that they're going after dynamic languages (such as Python and Ruby) for secondary scripting support rather than full-on alternate languages. But maybe I'm mistaken. Regardless, this is fantastic news for fans of dynamic languages.