Microsoft Office: Staying or Fleeing?

by Glen Gillmore

Iím a long time user of the applications that make up Microsoft Office for Windows. Like many other people I know, I came from roots in Word Perfect 5.1 for DOS. Actually it was version 4.2 that my journey into word processing began. Iíve also tinkered with MS Office on Macintosh.

Over the years, many of the companies Iíve worked for ultimately decided to consolidate with MS Office because of file sharing and compatibility. As networked computers became more common and sending an attached file was made easier with Eudora or Outlook, the need for compatibility increased. This was particularly true when many Word Documents would no longer fit on a floppy. Do you remember running across the building to share files?

Anyway, Iíve started playing with OpenOffice 1.0 and have been very impressed. So much that Iíd consider switching once Iíve tested all the features Iíve ever used in MS Office. It isn't that I'm dissatisfied with MS Office, except for its price. Maybe Iíll start a running comparison of features across the various alternative suites. If someone has already done this, Iíd sure appreciate a note telling me where to find the results.

If you are a MS Office user, what motivates you to stay with this particular suite? If you donít use it, why do you use the suite you currently use?


2002-05-30 23:52:39
I'd like to quit too
I'll be interested in the results of your testing - the biggest gripe I've heard is about files not crossing over to OO well.
2002-05-31 10:09:43
WordPerfect Filter
I think OpenOffice is great - I've been using it on my Linux systems for a while now (replacing StarOffice 5.2). The one hole right now is that there is no WordPerfect input filter.

Might be a useful project to transfer the AbiWord WordPerfect import filter across to OpenOffice...

(obviously, if a WP filter has been added to the 1.0 release and I missed it then this minor rant is moot)

2002-05-31 14:57:42
I'd like to quit too
So far, it has done a splendid job with MS Office files. I imagine that's the biggest audience to go after. I didn't particularly like that OO changed all my file associations.
2003-06-15 04:57:02
Microsoft Office: Staying or Fleeing
I'm staying with MS Office for now since the latest versions have pretty good support for Unicode & complex scripts (Indic scripts, Urdu, Tibetan etc) - I see this is very important as the world and the network become more globalised.

Right now I haven't seen anything else that is a practical alternative to MS Office in this regard.