Microsoft Open Source Deal Pays Dividends

by Preston Gralla

Despite Steve Ballmer's anti-Linux bluster, the Microsoft peace pact with the Open Source world has begun to pay dividends. Novell just announced's support of Office Office 2007's Open XML format. Novell joins Corel, which has already said that the WordPerfect Office suite will support Office Open XML as well.


2006-12-04 13:39:10
The problem with spending "hundreds of millions of dollars to get into the good graces of the Open Source community" is that MS didn't pay "the community", they paid Novell. The details of Novell's deal are so repugnant to many in "the community" that Novell may be turning itself into an island, divorced by "the community".

As for open standards, we already have one that is actually open, ODF (ISO 26300). Open XML is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone but MS to fully implement, which suggests that it's openness is less than genuine.

I'm all for open standards and interoperability, but I fear that these developments are not actually leading to an increase in either openness or interoperability. I hope I'm just a cynic...

2006-12-04 14:58:43
Beware Greeks bearing Trojan horses.
2006-12-04 22:16:28
Will the ENTIRE open XML be implemented, or is it a one-way interoperability?
2007-08-01 15:19:43
Hack again?!