Microsoft Smartphone (MPx220) and Smart Watch (Suunto N3) were my vacation news and messaging tools

by Todd Ogasawara

On my last trip, I found myself digitally isolated because neither my Smartphone nor my Smart Watch worked in Japan and none of the three hotels I stayed in had broadband connectitivy (see
Japan Primer for the Mac Techno-Tourist).

My trip last week was confined to North America (the US and Canada) were everything was available including WiFi in the 2nd hotel I stayed at.
However, the pace of vacation activities left me with just enough time to dump digital photos to the hard disk and burn a CD-RW disc before turning in for the night (I thought vacations were supposed to be restful! :-).
Fortunately, I was able to steal a moment or two during the day to check news, weather, and email on my Microsoft Windows Mobile based Motorola MPx220 Smartphone
(see my review of it here...
On the Go with the Motorola MPx220 Camera Phone)
and a Suunto N3 Smart Watch based on the Microsoft SPOT technology that piggy-backs on radio stations' airwaves to provide oneway data transmission.

The Suunto N3 Smart Watch proved more useful away from home since I lacked the usual familiar news sources on the road. It automatically switched to time zones after picking up the local radio station's signal.
Then, local weather, news, and even movie theater names and schedules became available to me as the relatively low-speed data transmission filled my watch with data.
I watched the watch pick up data in Los Angeles and Anaheim California as well as Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia.
The MPx220 Smartphone was my main email and web tool.
I'm too lazy to hunt and peck or use T9 to answer email.
So, I ended up recording voice responses to email and then attaching them to the reply email messages.

It was great to be able to keep up with a few things while wandering around last week.

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