Microsoft Wins The Lottery; Provokes Interesting Comment > Question: Who's More Open: Google or Microsoft?

by M. David Peterson

So it looks like Microsoft just won the lottery, landing Dan Reed in his first position outside the world of academia. That's quite a catch, and from the sounds of it Dr. Reed is pretty excited for the opportunities that lay ahead.

Supercomputer researcher joins Microsoft

Microsoft Research has landed a heavy hitter from the halls of academia, bringing in supercomputer expert Dan Reed to direct a new initiative in scalable and multicore computing. Reed is currently director of the Renaissance Computing Institute at the University of North Carolina and has a resume to die for. Microsoft will represent his first job out of academia. "There is a sea change in computing coming at the intersection of multicore and large data centers, and working on this is one of the most exciting things I can imagine doing," Reed told the EETimes. "I will be working with Microsoft researchers and product developers, as well as industry partners and academics. It doesn't get any cooler than this," Reed wrote on his blog.

Before moving to UNC, Reed led the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and the University of Illinois computer science department. He is one of the world’s leading experts on parallel computing and large-scale system design. But he's more than that. As Microsoft points out, besides being a high-performance computing all-star, he is also a "leader in US information technology research policy," an area in which Microsoft has more than passing interest. Think maybe Microsoft likes that combination?

Nice! Congratulations to you both!

The article continues for a few more paragraphs, but it's even further down -- in the comments section -- where things really seem to get interesting,