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by M. David Peterson

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Pushing String >> Microsoft's new promise: a welcome development

Today there's been good news on the IPR front: Microsoft has published what it calls an Open Specification Promise that has the effect of offering a non-assertion covenant on a host of specifications that Microsoft has authored and co-authored. For a legal statement, it's remarkably clear and easy to read.* Here's the main bit:

Push Button Paradise | Blog Archive | Microsoft frees 35 standards

I got this link from Eve, and to think, I never even knew there was a consortiuminfo.org. The Microsoft Open Specifications Promise irrevocably lets any interested parties implement and use a list of technologies without fear of getting sued (at least sued by Microsoft). It is similar in tone and scope to earlier declarations about the Office XML formats, and the declaration from Sun about UBL. I'm not a lawyer, so if I've described this badly, get a real lawyer to explain it. :-P