Microsoft's A Foundation for the New World of Documents

by Rick Jelliffe

A tale of two tipping points.

Microsoft's Chris Capossela has published on MSDN an explanation of MS's position on XML formats that is, I think, really important and useful.


2006-07-11 06:31:58
Agree with all of that. Waiting to see what they do about the graphics formats, particularly ISO X3D. Scene graph technologies have their pluses and minuses in a pure object vs object graphics contest, but they have thrived in the wild long enough without bigCo support to prove their usefulness.

It merits a place in the distribution.

M. David Peterson
2006-07-11 07:38:25
Excellent summary as always, Rick.

Plenty for me to study and learn from... Thanks! :)

Kurt Cagle
2006-07-13 13:24:44
Excellent analysis. I'm inclined perhaps to take a wait and see attitude here - Microsoft has been known to readily embrace standards previously until the heat is off (or to win key regulatory wins) then do an about face shortly before the RC hits the streets, so while they may be serious here, I'll be far happier once the final products ship with their promises intact.

I do think that the move to make public the import/export filters mechanisms as a plugin is a significant architectural change that will have considerable impact beyond the ODF issue, and am watching that particular issue closely.