Microsoft's Java for MS SQL Server

by Steve Anglin

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Microsoft's Java for SQL Server won't win over Java developers. The plan is that Microsoft will offer a JDBC driver for accessing MS SQL Server, as originally announced September 24, 2001.

According to Gartner, "This announcement says less about JDBC support and more about the Microsoft SQL Server group's efforts to appear as a competitive, independent alternative to Oracle and IBM." This is given considering Oracle and IBM each offer JDBC and other Java support necessary for accessing and developing with their respective databases.

The article concludes with a Gartner recommendation ..."that enterprises deploying Java-based software with (MS) SQL Server use the Microsoft-provided JDBC driver when it becomes available unless they have already committed to third-party connectivity through licensing and infrastructure agreements..."

Anyway, despite offering Java support, Microsoft remains divisive against Java, as evidenced by its efforts to push C# and, recently, J# as their Java solutions for the Windows OS and other platforms.

What are your thoughts?